Moving Millions:

How Coyote Capitalism
Fuels Global Immigration

Praise and Reviews







"Kaye, a special correspondent for PBS, writes that the American approach to immigration isn't working and suggests ways to change course. ...He also looks at American economic and trade policies that encourage rather than hinder migration. Kaye provides an insightful glimpse into recruitment agencies and their impact, and offers an astute study of the effects of politics, influence, and alliances on immigration. ... Kaye makes a convincing argument and offers, for many readers, a completely new perspective."
Publishers Weekly.  Read more.

"A really wonderful book. With vivid writing that brings policy to life through the people most touched by it, Moving Millions pulls us across the global landscape of one of the least understood phenomena of our time � human migration � and demonstrates why each of us has a stake in what happens to these strangers in our midst. Kaye's done such a fantastic job of capturing the human, as well as the government and commercial, sides of this complicated issue. A superb piece of work."
�Judy Woodruff, PBS NewsHour 

"Global immigration -- forced, exploitative and profitable � is arguably the most explosive social issue of our time. Its economics are murky and its politics are hypocritical. Read this book if you want a well-written, honest guide to how it works and why any solution has to focus on where immigrants come from as well as where they go."
�Jeff Faux, Founder of the Economic Policy Institute and author of The Global Class War

"Jeffrey Kaye does a masterful job in demolishing the myriad myths surrounding immigration and puts a human, sometimes tragic, face on the concurrent global push of poverty and the pull of the promise of a better life." 
�Marc Cooper, USC Annenberg School

"Kaye is an investigative reporter of long and distinguished experience, and Moving Millions is an example of what journalism used to be and ought to be. He digs deeply into the facts, asks the hard questions and shares what he has discovered in clear and considered prose. In contrast to the odds and ends that pass for information in our benighted times � Wikipedia entries, Google search results and crawls at the bottom of a TV screen � Kaye�s book is the real thing."
�Jonathan Kirsch, The Jewish Journal. Read more.

"For anyone looking for excellent information and well-documented research on the effects of migrant labor on our world economy, this book is one worth reading."
Geri Spieler, New York Journal of Books. Read more.